Security Hit Counter

December 29, 2015

On February 12, 2018, the count was created with php code independetly from any FREE HIT COUNTERS. was gone at 1,541,284 on 12/27/15, so that was replaced. But it was returned at 1,541,390 on 1/04/16. The FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) operating the "Hit Counter" was notifed to be removed by HostMonster Support, whose Ryan suggested "Hit Counter HTML Code" here. Visting numbers were 1,535,990 by 4/29/2015. On October 14, 2013, a FREE "Hit Counter" was set up two years ago. Visiting numbers were up to 1,528,232. However, the Hit Counter was attacked and all counter numbers were gone. It was serious for us because the visiting numbers showed us God's works, encouraging us to keep on the "Online Word for Global Crusade TM " ministry, although we don't know who visits but God knows. Through many programmers' trials, express gratitude for Jim, (e.g. PHP, Html, txt, gif, facebook, etc), finally this Security Hit Counter for Christ's sake was set up on the date of October 14, 2013. "...and the glory, for ever. Amen." (Matthew 6:13 b)

We experienced a homeless member who made two (2) dimes offering like the widow who offered two (2) mites which our Lord gladly accepted her heart (Luke 21:1-4). Her offering, such small but from the heart given, began to be feeding tens of thousands, who are increasing daily, on spiritual food, with continual prayers in all the earth as well as in fellowship & communion services in touchable local areas, where a facility or a buidling like this photo at Anaheim Hills in California might be helpful for divine family because of our physical bodies' limitation to place and time although heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain God (2 Chronicles 6:18), i.e., all believers throughout "online Word for Global Crusade TM " are being built togehter for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit globally (Ephesians 2:22). However, if through prayers God wills that you desire to make an offering for this photo or a similar facility, any of the following three (3) methods are available: 1. Making at Wire Transfer to CCAH: (1) Wire Routing Transit Number 122000247; (2) Online Account Number 6314138782; (3) International SWIFT BIC WFBIUS6S. 2. Issuing a Check, Money Order, or Cashier Check to CCAH," or "Calvary Chapel Anaheim Hills" and mail it to "CCAH, P.O. Box 27693, Anaheim Hills, CA 92809, U.S.A." 3. Donating a vehicle through C4C, 1-888-392-8278 or 1-800-CARE (2273). Please pray to the Lord for thanksgiving about a lot of freedom from finance through His online ministries and for the complete freedom from finance through all His ministries of CCAH, but His will may be done.