ONLINE WORD[1]  for Global CrusadeTM

(Sermon: Daily Bible Study) by CCAH Press        

“Any human opinion is not really important rather than what God says. So, the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible per se.”

Self Daily Bible Reading & Study Plan[2] in 2018: 

1 time of the Old Testament & 2 times of the New Testament (Weekly Book Basis) [3] 

- 1/7


- 1/14


- 1/21


- 1/28


- 2/4


- 2/11


- 2/18


- 2/25


- 3/4


- 3/11


- 3/18


- 3/25


- 4/1

Ru, I Sa

- 4/8


- 4/15


- 4/22

I & II Co

- 4/29


- 5/6

Gal, Eph, Php, Col

- 5/13


- 5/20

I & II Th, I & II Ti, Tit, Phm

- 5/27

I Ch


Heb, Jas

- 6/10


- 6/17

I & II Pe, I & II & III Jn, Jude

- 6/24

Ezr, Ne, Est

- 7/1


- 7/8


- 7/15


- 7/22


- 7/29


- 8/5


- 8/12


- 8/19


- 8/26


- 9/2

Pr, Ecc, Ss

- 9/9


- 9/16


- 9/23


- 9/30


- 10/7

I & II Co

- 10/14


- 10/21

Gal, Eph, Php, Col

- 10/28

Jer, La

- 11/4

I & II Th, I & II Ti, Tit, Phm

- 11/11


- 11/18

Heb, Jas

- 11/25


- 12/2

I & II Pe, I & II & III Jn, Jude

- 12/9

Hos, Joe, Am, Ob, JnhMic

- 12/16


- 12/23

Topical Study on Christmas

- 12/30

Na, HabZep, Hag, Zec, Mal


 Online Word of God for Global Crusade (Sermon: “TITLE” Daily Bible Study) by CCAH Press      



English MP3(E); Manuscript(M); Korean MP3(K);    YouTube (Y)



2018 Annual Meditation Verse

Philippians 4:4-8 (2018 New Year Meditation Verses)


The Spirit Led Church Continually ("teach all nations" Mathew 28:18-20 KJV)


Thanks for everything. “Purify your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit…” (1 Peter 1:22)


Luke 16:1-13


Unjust Steward E M K Y


Pray for all victims caused by violence (e.g. Florida, gun shot) towards peace, for wisdom to use the present for the future eternality, for all missionaries including Peru Missionaries on the earth, and for CCAH addictis/ homeless/ veteran/ online word/ book/ and all the other ministries with the full heart to love our Lord and neighbors.


Leviticus 20:1-27


Deadly Sins E M K Y


Praise the Lord who is working in His way through CCAH. Thanks for His forgiving our sins and for continual daily fellowship with our Lord. And pray for all suffering sheep and lost sheep, for all sheep at CCAH, and for all missionaries including Peru Missionaries on the earth


Mark 11:1-14


The Fruitless Fig Tree E M K Y


We want to be successful in the sight of God, praying for CCAH like Philadelphia love church rather than Laodicians church and for every sheep like a good and faithful servant. Still we need pray for this because our work evidence is still few despite relatively high lips. Keep on prayer for this church to be truly His church in the last days. And pray for all needy people including addicts people in this community, and for all missionaries on the earth


Exodus 14:1-31


The Salvation of the Lord E M K Y


Thanks for continual God's working at CCAH. Pray for our faith in our Lord the Almighty even if we face crisis, for us to be wise like snake and be pure like dove, for victims caused by violence & natural disastures, for the world peace, for Govenment authority to administer according to Your will, and for all ministers/missionaries.


Matthew 12:1-21


A Matther of Heart E M K Y


Thanks for everything and in everything. Pray for all teaching ministers to be good and faithful, for all sheep to love our Lord 1st and best, for continual blessed sheep to hear of God's Word by MP3 at underground, and for missionaries/ evangelists to keep on preaching Gospel to the world.


Genesis 11:1-32


Babel Tower to Me? E M K Y


Thanks for the Spirit Led Church in the whole counsel of God, for the paperback new book available, and for blessed missions conference. And pray for merciful healing ill people & victims caused by violence & natural disastures, and for persecuted missionaries/Christians on the earth.


Zechariah 1:1-21


Zechariah's Visions E M K Y


Pray for continual the Spirit Led Church in the whole counsel of God, for blessing 2018 Missions conference (Operation World "Mark 16:15"), for blessing all Your sheep, and for blessing all missionaries. Thanks for all and in all.


Matthew 2:11


Christmas Meaning to Our Life E M K Y


Thanks for missionaries' reports by David, Jim, Loudermilk, and Wes from all over the world, for the birth of Jesus Christ, and for the published new book and Pray for awakening/reviving Sheep and lost Sheep; Thanks for teaching all nations through His power (the Great Commission) and pray for Calvary Chapel Missions Conference (1/2 to 1/5), for all victims caused by natural disasters, for all missionaries, and for the world peace in Christ.

1. Please note that in an area a loading problem occurs, turn off the internet router for a while and then turn it on or ask the server.

2. Online Word has been opened in English (written, oral, & video) & Korean (only oral) by the Lord. CCAH's common language is English but Farsi, Korean, Spanish, & Tagalog are used in the Bible studies.

3. The more visitors on this ONLINE WORD show (1) how much hungry for the Word of God, (2) how much thirsty for the Holy Spirit, (3) the Spirit's work free from Race, Nationality, Materials (e.g., Church Building, Money...), Gender, Denomination, Location, Time, or any others (4) Jesus' increasing, and (5) the Word standing forever.


[1] Sometimes called as "Online Church" or "Internet Church." About 2 billion Christians in 2018 on the earth are one body of Christ(Ephesians 4:4-6), praying for each other.

(1) Word of God (Doctrine) – Entire Bible itself, without skipping any verse, is a text. KJV or NKJV is used. Other versions (NIV, ESV, living Bible, etc.) as references are used with other scholars' books (the references are not used as texts).   Online Word is readable through AdobeReader

 (i.e., Manuscript (M)).  Its translation from English to Another Language (30 languages) is available.  MP3 has been available since 6/17/2012 (i.e., English (E) and Korean (K)) and YouTube since 12/30/2017 (i.e., YouTube (Y)). In Romans 10:12"For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him," for those who seek diligently the Lord and lack understanding English but Korean, especially every Korean teaching is attached according to a promise with an underground missionary.

(2) Prayer – Prayer without ceasing is encouraged in terms of each family, ministers, governments, weak people (the poor, widows, orphans, the ill, the difficult, and the lost), and self,  with prayer requests on the notes.

(3) Fellowship – daily fellowship with the Lord is encouraged as well as fellowship with neighboring Christians.

(4) Communion service – Often communion service with neighboring Christians in order to remember of Jesus' death for us is encouraged until our Lord comes again in heaven.

(5) Offering/donation – Donation is available only upon a true worshipper's cheerful heart to love the just God in Luke 11:42, “But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone," on his/her faith of "one church (Eklesia) on the earth," while the Online Word is freely given in Isaiah 55:1"Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk Without money and without price." 

Any available place is good for two (2) or three(3) people meeting in the name of Christ (Matthew 18:20; e.g., a house, a park, a restaurant, and an office room in close hours, etc.)

[2]  Source: Henry H Halley, "Halley's Bible Handbook" (Michigan: Zondervan, 1965) 812-813      

In reference to a weekly example of teaching, read the Bible in context & syntax, understand its verses, and practice them--fed with them in the Spirit--through continual prayer. Then, the Bible study will be accomplished. Also, you as His disciple may study daily by yourself in the spirit through verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book, up to OT 1 time & NT 2 times per year. So, today you would be more like Christ than yesterday upon your daily intimate relationship with the Lord.

[3]  Should you have a question about a read book in the Bible, you may ask it to This Bible Study in many groups, like Jesus 3 main ministries (Matthew 9:35), has been flexibly done by the Spirit with Offline and Online as: (1) Teaching: The Bible study matured till His discipleship on daily life; (2) Preaching: the Bible study drawn to Jesus as Savior for salvation (John 5:39). And we as His disciples with flexible overflowing love of God share the Gospel with others; and (3) Healing (Praying): As the healing of Jesus proved Him as the Messiah, that is the Son of God, Daily life is proved as His disciple. And we pray for healing in Jesus name. (4) By Three (3) Ways: (1) tutorial way: Teacher gives message to Pupils (e.g., Sunday Sermons); (2) The Way of Socrates: In addition, Teacher answers questions of pupils (e.g. some teachings of Jesus; most classes of an American law school); (3) Facilitator Way: Teacher facilitates pupils to present message (e.g. School of Ministry; Seminary; Problem-Based Learning of an American medical school). (5) Whatever a teaching minister is called as pastor, teacher, author, brother, internet pastor, circuit pastor, doctor, or even reverend, we are teaching all nations upon all power unto Jesus in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18-20) with love of Him & our neighbors (Mark 12:30-31).