A Saintís Request (May 6, 2015)

Subject: I need your assistance to overcome Demonic influences and achieve my Divinely Assigned Destiny

From: (a Saint in Ethiopea) Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am called by the Almighty Lord to be full time servant by proclaiming the Gospel and releasing the captives free by the Work of Jesus Christ. God have confirmed me this by His servants but I donít have the adequate skill and knowledge to do this. Of course I believe that being Godís warrior is not mainly resulted by reading Christian Literatures but instead it is manifested by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit but in addition it may give me important support and advice to do my Godly given purpose. I need to read Spiritual books but I have no financial capacity to buy books from foreign countries because the exchange rate for the currency of Dollar to Ethiopian birr is very expensive (For example 20 Dollars means 360 Ethiopian Birr) you can imagine how difficult it is to purchase the foreign books to me. Even I have no personal computer and printer to download and use these which are free resources. I only use public internet cafť by paying service charge for writing and checking emails In addition I need also to read at least one sound teaching about spiritual warfare. Dear brother in Christ you may wonder why I donít purchase from Christian books in my country but to tell you frankly there are no such books about deliverance, Spiritual warfare and other strong teachings. Dear brother in Christ considering my Divine Call and financial incapacity I am writing to check if you can help me by sending books or manuals/courses Related With books.

Response: (CCAH Board) Greeting in the Lord.

We, CCAH Board, discussed, prayed, and decided for your matter. We have understood the U.S. price which is so expensive in many countries (in fact, MOST Poor People - about 4 billion poor people and 5 billion spiritual poor people over 7 billion people on the earth). To spread the Word of God is the purpose of CCAH Press. We already prayed and decided, while CCAH Press focuses on the spiritual matters, CCAH Press authorized the marketing function including sale to Amazon.com. Lest the price like you should obstruct the purpose, CCAH Press published those books not only in the form of paperback but in the form of ebook (Kindle) through Amazon.com In Kindle case, you might buy a book at a lower price or borrow it on KDP Select even freely at Amazon.com So attached the following websites and please find them. http://www.calvarychapelanaheimhills.com/books.htm http://www.biblicalmaritalcounseling.com/Wayne.htm Also a reference for drafts (weekly uploaded Word of God) for books to be published: http://www.calvarychapelanaheimhills.com/OnlineSermon2015.htm We hope that these would be helpful for your spiritual growth. In His love always, Wayne For CCAH Press