CCAH Shepherd Learning Center

Calvary Chapel Anaheim Hills (CCAH)

Principal's Welcome:

Welcome to CCAH Shepherd Learning Center - Preschool & Kindergarten. To spread the gospel to all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, and to let hearers accept the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in the Spirit and in truth, God started and has blessed this school ministry as one of various ways - school, local church, orphanage, charity, medical treatment, worship service, outreaching, spiritual revival and wherever led by the Spirit. We have seen the Holy Spirit leading, through faithful & kind-loving teachers/ministers, children to accept Christ, to keep personal relationship with the Lord, and/or to grow in the Word of God and the Spirit. We see that our Lord is equipping each child personally and daily to serve Him, and it is a blessing and privilege for us to minister to the Lord and His children who are coming to CCAH Shepherd Learning Center.

In His purity, goodness, and love always,

Helen Ju

School Office & Hours,

The School Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm. The School phone number is (714) 283-2857. Now children from 2 age through 8 age or the 2nd grade are able to register at the Preschool & Kindergarten. For details, please contact the principal directly. Her direct phone number is (714) 337-7045. Please pray for children to seek after His heart and His mercy.

Map & Direction

If you have any questions other than this school ministry or prayer requests, please feel free to contact CCAH at (714) 797 - 0454 or email .