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This news last updated on January 2, 2017

The Lord is working in a unique way of CCAH as a spirit led church that is a global church open to whoever loves Jesus Christ, regardless of race, gender, age, wealth, denomination, and educational background, all may join and learn the knowledge of God wherever, including the internet.

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CCAH staff appreciate deeply Calvary Chapel Internet Services (CCIS)í»s heartily services


Please pray for CCAH to grow continually as the Spirit Led Church including all on-line Bible study Sheep in all the earth.

(1) In order to draw more people closer to Christ, than now about 2 million people, up to over 7 billion global population, through 2017, we need pray without ceasing with this hope to see at any moment to see our returning Lord Jesus Christ from heaven. On January 4, 2016 new additional Mobile website was updated after completed by Regan & Troy on July 25, 2015. And on August 7, 2015, the desktop website through Adobe Flash operated only by Internet Explorer and Google Chrome was updated by Jay to the desktop site through HTML5 operated by any webbrowsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. We need fervent prayers for a lot of persecuted Christians (e.g., Sudan, Arab World, Iran, Ethiopea, Charston, IS, N. Korea, almost all over the world) to be protected and to stand on the Lord firmly.

(2)After delivering Gospel to Arab World on 4/26/14, our computer files were attacked by Cryptolocker virus through appearing an urgent prayer request email on 5/01/14 and new computer softwares were attacked by Sytweak virus through appearing genuine Adobe reader program for weekly manuscript on 5/17/14. The devil beyond the virus is attacking church. As we know how to handle the attacks of the devil, we have prayed always in the Spirit, taking the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:13-18). Now, all infections were removed. And the new upload computer operated with Windows 7 and the old download computer operated with Windows Vista, in addition to a new laptop operated with Windows 8, are secured through three (3) anti-virus programs with an external backup driver. Keep on prayers for all ministries of CCAH through those computers. Thank you for all your prayer supports and for all co-works. Despite all hardships, His ministry has been done amazingly anyway. All glory is given to Him forever.

(3) Thanks God for New Books continually Published. Let Him open many visitors' hearts to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and to be conformed with the image of Christ + a Mission House now available for missionaries' FREE temporal lodge up to 1 month;

(4) Thanks God for "Asaph Medical Missions Team" growth + for the New Books of "De Facto Partiality - Visual 3," "No Money, No Ministry? - Visual 2," "Plainly Studying through All the Counsel of God - Visual Sum 1," "Guidance, Q & A, or Supplement to" AND "The Spirit Led Life: in The Whole Counsel of God" published in paperback & eBook & on sale of 1 Amazon.com2 with 5 stars reviews + Korean Version Published (1st & 2nd Editions) + Chinese Version Published (1st & 2nd Edition) + Waiting Russian Version to be on the Lord + for New Horizons Mission House at Corona Ranch + for New The Rock/Fortress House + for Expansion of His Kingdom through CCAH (About 200, on on-line the Bible Study per week + on getting the Books per month = even if the power of money seems greater than divine words, living God who neither slumbers nor sleeps are feeding those who hunger for spiritual food, free from race, nationality, gender, age, budget, or location.) + for fervent daily prayers for evangelism to spiritually rocky countries (e.g., Muslim countries, N Korea, etc), from 5:30 AM through 7:00 AM + for ministers - Christian, Henry, Reza, Lucas, Tim, Jeremy, Joseph, & Wayne + for periodic La Posada Medical Mission team in 2011 +for CCAH which is being led by our master, the Lord Jesus Christ + for truley believers after the Lord's hearts/will + for each staff member's faithful ministry with the Board members/intercessionary prayer warriors + for Growing CCAH in Spirit & Truth;

(5) Pray for Bi-Lingual Pastor and/or the man who heartily wants to be a bi-lingual pastor + for Continual Protection of CCAH from any earthly, sensual, and devilish things; + for seeking "inward"(Word of God + Holy Spirit) continually + for a permanent physician for annual Mexico Mission Trip + for "His Kingdom & righteousness" whatever circumstances + for North Korea (Tapes, North Korean Refugee,...), Cuba, Iran, & China to be evangelized;

(6) Open Enrollment: CCAH Shepherd Learning Center - Preschool & Kindergarten (2 age through 8 age[2nd Grade]) - from 7 AM thru 7 PM - (714) 283-2857 + CCAH Mission Language Center: Every Sunday 1:30 PM through 2:30 PM - (714)393-4249 + Farsi Language Class Every Sunday 9:30 AM through 12:30 PM - (714) 765-9910; Pray for New Land at Anaheim Hills for School/Church Purpose

(7) Please listen to Carole Smith's Song Where God Wants Me . Also please see Twila Paris' video What did he die for? (from Roger Lovell). , the video Wake Up America (from Helen Hong) & Biblical Environmental Protection (from Steve Mays);

(8) Pray for Ministers in Asaph Missions Team - Seoung ( + Jeremy ( + Sang Jin ( í░Asaph Missionsí▒ team is an auxiliary of Calvary Chapel Anaheim Hills, having two parts to abide in the true Vine Christ (1) to open up wider a supply channel of materials and resources to teach the Bible to people in USA, N./S. Korea, China, Mexico, Kenya, Europe, and over the world and so locals can have assistance in establishing churches as the Holy Spirit leads and the Whole Counsel of God to feed hungry souls and to invite whoever is interested in missions for annual Mission trips in China and in Mexico and annual world mission retreat and fellowship in USA and (2) to make a transnational discipleship team to be witnesses to Christ in USA, N./S. Korea, China, Mexico, Kenya, Europe, and over the world for strengthening and vision inspiration."

(9) Please pray for all brothers & sisters in the body of Christ on the earth to be led by the Spirit & to grow in His Word ;

(10) Blessed daily life in 2016 - "Overflowing Love" - Jeremiah 23, Romans 5:1-5, Romans 11:36-12:3, Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23, Matthew 28:18-20

(11) Pray for the members of CCAH/the Staff/the Board to be led always by the Spirit in the truth. (Staff Members - Christian, Henry, Jeremy, Joseph, Lucas, Reza, Seoung, & Tim; Board Members - Gerson, Harold, Sergio, T K, & Wayne - who are "seeking the honor that comes from God only" (John 5:44).)

p.s. CCAH belongs to Calvary Chapel Association (CCA), formerly known as Calvary Chapel Outreaching Fellowships(CCOF).